Frequently Asked Questions

Demo & contact

Given the nature of product, we only do demonstrations and deliver the iMS Interface to official builders of vehicles for which iMS is intended. Based on the information you provide in the contact form, we will therefore verify whether this is the case. All private requests will be declined.

Yes, we are happy to demonstrate the possibilities of the iMS Interface at your location in the Netherlands (free of charge). Make sure to request this demonstration by leaving your contact details via the form. We will then contact you as soon as possible to schedule the demonstration (as long as we can deliver to your organization).

The demonstration takes approximately 1 hour. We visit you on location and take all relevant items with us to be able to do the demonstration: the iMS Interface and various equipment to show the operation such as a stop board, blue light and so on. So you do not have to arrange anything else. After the demonstration you will have a good idea of iMS’ functionalities, reliability and possibilities.


The iMS Interface is suitable for every vehicle you can think of where equipment needs to be controlled: from cars to busses, and from motorcycles to boats. Moreover, the Interface is perfect for both conspicuous and inconspicuous vehicles. This makes the iMS Interface ideal for, for example, the police, fire brigades, ambulances, ANWB, Rijkswaterstaat, defense, justice and much more.

Yes, you can control all devices with the iMS Interface in the vehicle such as lights, sirens, stop signs and more. Specifically, you can control at least 18 devices and use 100 commands (these numbers even exceed the demands of highly advanced vehicles). And even these numbers can be expanded, without having to replace the Interface. The possibilities of the iMS Interface are therefore endless.

Yes, you can customize anything you want. You can choose which devices you want to control and which commands you want to use. Of course we also have standard command sets that you can choose from. Once we have assembled the desired command set together, we program it in the iMS Interface for you.

Please note that if you choose your own commands, it is important not to use too long commands so that the iMS Interface picks up every command properly (preferably limit this to 1-2 words per command), and make sure to choose commands that are easy to remember.

Yes, of course you can. Please let us know what you want your new command set to look like. Then send us the iMS Interface so that we can program the new software on it, or make an appointment so that we can do this at your location.

Yes, and it works just like the question above ‘Can the command set be changed after placement?’

Yes, in principle the iMS Interface is available in any language. If you are interested in this, please ask about the possibilities.

Please note that iMS is only intended for applications within Europe. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.

There are two ways to tell the iMS Interface to do something for you. This can be done with a button followed by your command (=push to talk) or by first using a specific word followed by your command (=wake up word).

Which one you choose is entirely up to you, but in some cases one will clearly be preferred. In motorcycles, for example, it may be desirable to go for safety and therefore the option that is 100% hands-free (wake up word). However, when you are transporting people and do not want them to be able to control the Interface with their voice, the button may be desirable (push to talk).

Please note that the iMS Interface is set to 1 of these two options. It can be changed later, but please be aware of the fact that you will need new software to be programmed on the Interface to arrange this.

Ease of use

It could be that someone forgets a command in the beginning. Luckily, the iMS Interface comes with a sticker that can be stuck in the vehicle with a short explanation about the Interface and contains all requested commands. For inconspicuous vehicles, it can be affixed to the sun visor.

Please note that we will do everything we can to make all commands easy to remember and use. We will limit the commands strictly to what is necessary, make commands that are short and intuitive and, if in practice you may need to have 2 ways to control 1 device, we can include both commands (for example siren and dual tone).

Once the command has been received successfully, you will hear “OK [+ the command given]” (e.g. OK siren ON) as confirmation. Moreover, you usually see or hear naturally that the equipment being controlled is doing something. For example, you hear the siren or see the reflection of the stop sign. In addition, if you have opted for the additional LED Indicator, you can also see on a small panel which devices are on or off.

You will know most of the equipment in the vehicle is on or off by your senses: you will hear the siren or see the reflection of the stop sign in the window. If you have chosen for the LED Indicator, you can also see what device is on based on illuminated icons or LEDs.

The iMS Interface turns on automatically when power is supplied to it. The way power is supplied may vary from vehicle to vehicle due to how the equipment is installed.

The iMS Interface can be controlled directly with your voice, unless the ‘push to talk’ option was chosen. In that case, of course, you press the button, followed by the command.

Yes, you can build in whatever dependencies you want. You can choose that devices may only be on at the same time (e.g. siren and blue light) or that they may never be on at the same time (e.g. blue light and amber). Consult the documentation for the current settings (and / or request more dependencies if needed).

Yes, because the software contains an algorithm to suppress noise adequately. The iMS Interface continues to work excellently when you continue to rise above the ambient noise with your voice.

In principle, commands given by someone with an accent are just as easily picked up by the iMS Interface. It should not be a problem. However, if it does please contact us. We will do our utmost best to resolve this.

The iMS Interface works very simply and intuitively so will be picked up quickly. It is a matter of showing them once and mastering the commands.


The iMS Interface consists of three or four parts: the Interface, a small speaker box, a small microphone box and optionally the LED Indicator. The iMS Interface is delivered plug and play, with all commands pre-programmed. For installation, the Interface needs to be mounted somewhere in the vehicle, this is usually done in the back, and be connected to power supply.

This Interface is connected by two cables, one to the speaker and one to the microphone box that is placed near the driver to be able to communicate with the iMS Interface properly. And that’s it, now you can control the Interface by voice already. Optionally, the LED Indicator can also be connected to the Interface and placed in the view of the driver to see which devices are on.

Little technical knowledge is required to install the Interface. However, it is important that the installation guide is followed and that the recommended distances, for example from the driver to the microphone, are not exceeded.

You can find the technical specifications of the iMS Interface here. Moreover, the connection diagram and everything else you may need to know is supplied with the iMS Interface. In case you need more information and / or have a specific question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warranty & service

We stand for a high-quality Interface that works excellently, every single time. That is why we offer a guarantee of no less than two years on the material. So if there is anything wrong with it, do not hesitate to get in touch.

For more information about our warranty policy, please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.

Feel free to call us to see what the problem is and whether the entire iMS Interface or a part of it can be sent for repair, or whether it needs to be replaced completely. Should the Interface, or a part of it, be returned, you can send it – with your initial order number, and an accurate description of the defect – to our address below. Repairs are realized in the shortest time possible.

Return address:
in2orbit B.V.
Attn. to: department iMS
Einsteinstraat 16
3902 HN Veenendaal
The Netherlands

The parts of the iMS Interface are only available separately for service purposes.

Yes, that is possible. Please contact us to assist you. Let us know what you need, for example, that you want to use the Interface for the car instead of the motorcycle. Send the iMS Interface to our address, so we can program the Interface with the new software, or make an appointment, so that we can program it at your location.
Yes, we do advise to remain stock positions. Specifically, should a defect occur in an exceptional case, you can still ensure that the vehicle can be on the road (or water) again within 15 minutes tops. You can easily connect a new iMS Interface using the plugs, and the vehicle is ready to go again.

Pricing & delivery

At the moment, the iMS Interface is subject to a certified inspection process in order to meet all legal safety requirements. We expect to receive the approval shortly and to start deploying the iMS Interface in the European market. Please contact us if you are curious about the current status and expected delivery times.

The prices for the iMS Interface are available on request.